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Swivl for Classroom
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Record your lessons using Swivl

Open a world of online learning.

Today’s student has more access than ever to smart phones, tablets and other digital devices.
Through traditional or flipped learning, teachers can give students access to instruction anywhere, anytime by using Swivl to record instruction and posting these lessons and tutorials on Swivl Cloud.

Swivl helps teachers save time and energy by easily capturing content during class to provide to students.
Teachers no longer have to worry about pulling together assignments for students who miss class due to illness, appointments or sporting events.

Swivl cloud makes it easy for teachers to provide materials to students and track their usage of the content.
If the content is unclear, the commenting tools allow students to ask questions to the teacher for clarification.

Always be prepared for absent or homebound students

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What is Swivl?

Why Swivl?

Anytime, anywhere learning

Connect with today's digital learners by providing them with multimodal learning experiences available anytime, anywhere. Swivl makes it easy for teachers to create engaging, video-based content for their students

Project based learning

Capture student success and achievement in project-based learning environments. Place Swivl in the hands of students to increase ownership and engage them in creative and meaningful learning experiences.

Build 21st century skills

Employ Swivl as an educational tool to foster student development of 21st century skills—including communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking—by capturing presentations, projects and assignments on video. Utilize Swivl Cloud's private sharing and two-way commenting features to provide students with feedback and engage parents.

Teacher effectiveness

Ignite teacher collaboration and improve coaching efficiency with video. Swivl can help you flip your professional development, accelerate video coaching through mentor networks and coaches and introduce reflective teaching practices.

Spotlight content

Every school and district has pockets of excellence—educational leaders regularly demonstrating instructional best practices—that need to be captured and shared with others. Swivl makes it easy for anyone to start capturing these moments on video, build video libraries of best practices and ultimately enrich learning.

Teacher productivity

Reclaim valuable class time for discussion and practical activities by using video to replace direct instruction. Teachers are able to create differentiated learning experiences through video and students are able to progress at their own pace.

Maximize class time with Swivl

Meet the diverse needs of students while saving time and energy.

Differentiation can be challenging as teachers tailor learning for each student’s strengths, needs and interests. Swivl allows teachers to easily capture great video and high quality audio alongside instructional materials. And you can do it while you teach, not just after hours, creating new opportunities for personalization. 

Students can determine what parts of class they want to see on "instant replay" to help comprehension for varying speed learners. Plus teachers can create multiple versions of common instructional content with editing and other in class sessions to meaningfully differentiate and meet diverse learning styles, preferences and needs. These multimodal learning assets are easily accessed on the Swivl Cloud, and the uploading and production tools will help you get the content ready for viewing in no time! Once shared, Teacher's can monitor viewing and engage with each student to answer questions and understand each students needs. Swivl helps you ensures that every student receives the instruction they need.

Watch SDSU'sChris Harrisson explain how he transformed his class with Swivl.


You can never predict when a student will miss class, but you know it will happen and happen regularly. Be prepared. Effortlessly record lessons, share them with absentees, cut your workload in half and put parents at ease.

Teachers in training

Prepare teachers in training for success. In a growing number of states, teachers in training are now mandated to capture video of their student teaching. However, rarely are they given the tools or skill set required to manage this process. To automate lesson capture and simplify the production of videos, schools like Daemen College and Texas Tech have turned to Swivl.

Equip student teachers with the tools to excel in education.
For student teacher training, development and evaluation, capturing instruction on video has become mandatory in an increasing number of states. However, rarely are graduate students provided the tools or skill set to manage video capture on their own. For that reason and more, teachers and faculty alike look to Swivl.

Swivl not only makes the job easier—automating the capture, production and sharing of video—it’s portable. Student teachers can easily take Swivl into the field to record instruction and later share with their teacher coaches and mentors. Additionally, using Swivl will get student teachers in the habit of watching themselves on video, a best practice they can take with them when they become certified teachers.

Advance training and development, instructional techniques and effectiveness through teacher self-reflection. SEE THE TED TALK Bill Gates explains how self reflection improves teachers.

What's in The box?

Swivl Robot

Turns your mobile device into a front-of-room assistant and complete video solution. It follows you as you move around and interact with others, stops to focus on whiteboards when needed and even scans rooms at your command to capture groups and whiteboards.

One-click control

he Swivl marker can be worn or held, and puts you within one click of video, automation controls and heads up reminders. It has a built-in wireless microphone to capture the voices you need to hear. Add a second marker and place it wherever you need to capture group conversations.

Swivl Capture App

The hub for control and content management. Review and edit your content with convenient and fast wireless uploading tools. Customize the Swivl Robot to do exactly what you want including innovative controls like pause and 360 scan. The best part? It's a heads-up dashboard for presented content, reminders and time tracking to help you perform and while adding value to video viewers.

Tablet or smartphone are not included

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Documents Available For Download:

- Classroom Behavior Case Study
- GVSU Teacher Training Program Case Study
- Personalizing Lecture Experience Case Study
- Swivl Higher Ed Whitepaper
- Swivl Specification V1.3

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