Swivl for Classroom

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Swivl for Classroom
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Today’s student has more access than ever to smart phones, tablets and other digital devices.
Through traditional or flipped learning, teachers can give students access to instruction anywhere, anytime by using Swivl to record instruction and posting these lessons and tutorials on Swivl Cloud.

Swivl helps teachers save time and energy by easily capturing content during class to provide to students.
Teachers no longer have to worry about pulling together assignments for students who miss class due to illness, appointments or sporting events.

Swivl cloud makes it easy for teachers to provide materials to students and track their usage of the content.
If the content is unclear, the commenting tools allow students to ask questions to the teacher for clarification.

Always be prepared for absent or homebound students

Anytime, anywhere learning

Connect with today's digital learners by providing them with multimodal learning experiences available anytime, anywhere. Swivl makes it easy for teachers to create engaging, video-based content for their students

Project based learning

Capture student success and achievement in project-based learning environments. Place Swivl in the hands of students to increase ownership and engage them in creative and meaningful learning experiences.

Build 21st century skills

Employ Swivl as an educational tool to foster student development of 21st century skills—including communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking—by capturing presentations, projects and assignments on video. Utilize Swivl Cloud's private sharing and two-way commenting features to provide students with feedback and engage parents.

Teacher effectiveness

Ignite teacher collaboration and improve coaching efficiency with video. Swivl can help you flip your professional development, accelerate video coaching through mentor networks and coaches and introduce reflective teaching practices.

Spotlight content

Every school and district has pockets of excellence—educational leaders regularly demonstrating instructional best practices—that need to be captured and shared with others. Swivl makes it easy for anyone to start capturing these moments on video, build video libraries of best practices and ultimately enrich learning.

Teacher productivity

Reclaim valuable class time for discussion and practical activities by using video to replace direct instruction. Teachers are able to create differentiated learning experiences through video and students are able to progress at their own pace.

$ 399

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