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Teach Math and Science Using Robots

Robotic Arm Lesson Imagine being taught quadratic equations by a quadcopter.

The RobotsLAB BOX is a revolutionary teaching-aid demonstrating math and science's core concepts, using robots.

The easy-to-use tablet includes interactive lessons, in-class quizzes, and instructional videos, which help students understand why math is relevant to their world.

Without any prior experience in robotics or computer science, teachers can demonstrate abstract concepts like slope, sine, cosine, and vectors right out of the BOX.
The lesson plans are strictly aligned with mandated Common Core, TEKS, and STAAR standards for middle and high school.

Designed by teachers for teachers this affordable solution improves student’s understanding and information retention; robots are the best engagement tool math and science classes have ever seen!

Many STEM projects focus mainly on the STE-, neglecting the M(ath) component. Meanwhile mathematics proficiency in high school students has fallen to 32% -- disqualifying many graduates from entry-level jobs. Our team of roboticists, engineers, teachers and professors are dedicated to fixing the education system using 21st century technology, bringing math to life and preparing students for their future, ensuring their career and college readiness.

RobotsLAB BOX moves abstract mathematical concepts away from the white board and transforms them into real life demonstrations. Students can see a quadcopter teach quadratic equations, a rover demonstrate angular and linear concepts conversions, and a robotic arm will show you what the word cosine really means.



What is RobotsLAB BOX?


Award Winning Teaching Aid

SxSW Launch EDU Winner

The Best STEM Solution

GOLD Winner in Education category

Educational Game Changer Award

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A Complete Educational Kit in a BOX

STEM educational kit RobotsLAB BOX

Why RobotsLAB BOX?

  • 1. Simplifies Instruction - The easy to use tablet makes it easy to demonstrate abstract concepts in math and science without any experience in robotics.
  • 2. Improves Learning - Robots are engaging, and as visual tools they improve the information retention by more than 400% comparing to traditional practices.
  • 3. Developmentally Appropriate - The curriculum spans from middle school's Algebra I all the way to Pre-Calculus.
  • 4. Intuitive and User-friendly - Touch-based interface makes it easy to run the lessons and control the robots. The lessons come with instructional videos, quizzes, related standards and more, all at the tip of the finger.
  • 5. Pedagogically Congruent - Created by teachers, for teachers, each of the lessons is 100% aligned with Common Core standards.
  • 6. Effective - Our customers see excitement and engagement never seen before in the most hard-to-teach subjects.
  • 7. Innovative - Math is the "white elephant in the room", there are no other tool that brings real-world examples to the most abstract concepts.

Simple To Set Up

1. Connect the tablet to the smart board.        2. Turn on the tablet and a robot.        3. Engage your students like never before!

Easy to use
Just swipe your fingers on the yellow slider on the left side of the screen, and the robots will come to life. No prior experience in computer science, robotics or programming is needed.

Every lesson was designed to bring abstract concepts to life by providing concrete demonstrations (when the robots are moving around) to the abstract concepts (equations, graphs). Explaining abstract relationships and equations such as quadratic equations, slope, unit circle and even piece wise functions, was never that easy and engaging!

The lessons are divided to three sections:
1. Prepare - Familiarize the students with the subject and the interface.
2. Demonstrate - Run the demonstration with the robot, and describe how the motion represents the abstract math concept.
3. Investigate - Reinforce the learning, and challenge the students.

Screenshot - Robot view Screenshot - Graph view
The screenshots above are taken from quadratic equations lesson, representing the quadratic relationship between the height of the quadcopter, and the area that its bottom camera can capture. (The higher the quadcopter, the larger the area that the camera can see; The area is actually edge x edge, or edge2 - hence quadratic relationship.)

Lesson Available For Download:
- RobotsLAB BOX - Example Lesson - Quadratic Equations. (Incl. Instructional Video)

Standards Aligned Lesson Plans

RobotsLAB BOX's lessons plans are aligned with mandated standards such as Common Core and TEKS (for TX). The standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what the students are expected to learn. The pathway to college and career is paved; RobotsLAB BOX's lesson plans, quizzes and other instructional materials are a great way to make sure students will succeed in their future.

Success Stories

What's In The BOX?


The tablet is the controller for all the robots, and the interface the students see.
All the lessons are preloaded on the tablet. Each lesson comes with:
  • 1. An instructional video that teaches you how to run the lesson.
  • 2. The written lesson plan.
  • 3. Covered standards. (Common Core standards, or TEKS for TX)
  • 4. A list of instructional materials. (or - what you need to take out of the BOX in order    to teach this lesson)
  • 5. An in-class, or homework quiz you can hand over to your students.
  • 6. Quiz answers - so you don't need to solve it.


The quadcopter robot is used in the following lessons:
1. Algebra
    a. Linear Equations
    b. Quadratic Equations
2. Pre-Calculus
    a. Unit circle
3. Physics
    a. Gravity
    b. Acceleration / Deceleration
    c. Frame of Reference

Mustached Rover

The rover is used in the following lessons: (and the mustache adds personality!)
1. Geometry
    a. Complementary Angles
    b. Distances
    c. Radius and 2πR Transformations.
2. Physics
    a. Angular Velocity
    b. Linear Velocity
    c. Directions
3. Pre-Calculus
    a. Vectors
    b. Sum of Vectors
    c. Unit Circle
    d. Piece Wise Functions

Robotic Arm

The robotic arm is used in the following lessons:
1. Geometry
    a. Angles, b. Triangles, c. Pythagorean Theorem, d. Arc Length
2. Trigonometry
    a. Sine, b. Cosine, c. Unit Circle
3. Pre Calculus
    a. Radians, b. Cartesian Transformations, c. Unit Circle, d. Polar Coordinates

Robotic Ball

The robotic ball is used in the following lessons:
1. Algebra
    a. Linear Equations, b. Quadratic Equations, c. Statistics, d. Probability
2. Physics Lessons
    a. Centripetal Force, b. Momentum, c. Energy, d. Colors

Accessories Kit

In the BOX you will find a small plastic box with all the accessories:
a. Chargers and rechargeable batteries for all the robots.
b. Plastic bar for the robotic arm
c. A clear image showing what belongs to which robot.

Quick Start Guide

Every kit comes with a printed quick start guide. We know you can't hold it any more and just want to start playing with the robots! So this guide will walk you through the basics of how to turn on the robots, start a lesson and engage the students.

Instructional DVD

The DVD includes all the instructional materials:
a. Teacher's book
b. Lesson Plans
c. Instructional videos
d. Quizzes and quiz answers per lesson

Smart board / projector connector

The VGA dongle allows you to connect the tablet to the smart board or to the projector in the classroom. This ensures that everyone can see the interface, and that even the last row students will be able to take a part in the lesson.

Table Holder

Created with teachers in mind, the tablet holder allows you to mount the tablet securely in its base, freeing your hands to focus on teaching, and not on holding the tablet, and the length of the projector cable.

RobotsLAB Mat

The mat is used in most of the lessons for:
a. Helipad for the quadcopter - ensuring the safety in the classroom, and preventing the     quadcopter from drifting away and risking students.
b. Inches and centimeters ruler for the rover - students can place the rover on the mat and     measure distances and time.
3. Base for the robotic ball - the robotic ball lessons need the mat for the creation of a virtual grid     the robot rolls on.

Transport case - the BOX

All the goodies above are securely packed in the transport case.

The multi-layer foam inside the case ensures that the robots, accessories and the tablet are all safe during travel and stowage.

The case can be locked if needed.

RobotsLAB BOX is a modular solution which was designed to answer the ever-changing needs of the 21st century classroom.

Our professional team is working closely with educators and constantly adding standards-aligned lessons, quizzes, instructional videos and other teaching related material.

If purchased alone:
Extra Lessons - one year subscription, additional >30 lessons: $399
Extended Warranty - Free shipping and replacements - one year: $399

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Documents Available For Download:

- RobotsLAB BOX Data Sheet
- Example Lesson (Incl. Instructional Video)
- A list of Common Core Standards covered by RobotsLAB BOX's curriculum
- A list of TEKS Standards (TX) covered by RobotsLAB BOX's curriculum

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