Qbo Pro Evo

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Qbo Pro Evo
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QBO Pro Evo

Robot Features

  • A domestic robot, your Artificial Intelligence at home!
  • Stereoscopic Vision, Face Tracking & Recognition
  • Speech Recognition, Music Gesture Player, SLAM with the Xtion Pro Live
  • Autonomous navigation, Object Tracking & Recognition, Obstacle Detection
  • Open source hardware and software, Running ROS.

Technical Details:

3D visual Components: Asus Xtion Pro Live
PC Components: Intel DQ67EP Mini-ITX Motherboard, Intel i3-2100T & Low Profile Heatsink, 2GB Ultra Low Profile DDR3 1333MHz DIMM, 40 GB Intel HDD SSD, Intel 6200 IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi Adapter, Asus Xtion Pro Live
Actuators: GWS S125 Servo, Dynamixel AX-12A Servo, EMG30 Motors
Sound: Monacor SP-6/8SQ Miniature Speaker, Fonestar Microphone 2220
Power: PICOPSU 150-XT, OPtimum Battery 12.8V LiFePO4, 15V AC/DC Adapter

Available Documents:

- Q.bo robot brochure

What is Q.bo ?

Q.bo opensource platform and openhardware is designed to delight robotics enthusiasts and institutions while providing access to a high-tech tool with an open community to share ideas and answer questions.
Q.bo is designed to perform human to robot and robot to robot interactions using vision algorithms, supervised or autonomous control, and even voice recognition. Q.bo also has the ability to access the Internet or communicate via WiFi networks.


Q.bo is designed so that its processing capacity can be updated as technology advances. This is achieved thanks to its interior that can accommodate any standard format motherboard Mini-ITX.
Q.bo has supports that can hold up to four distance sensors and three delimited zones in which we can position the control plates sensors, sensors and system power. It also has the ability to integrate a complete sound system from microphones to a stereo amplifier with loudspeakers.
Q.bo comes with two embedded webcams which are placed in its head, which can perform vision tasks such as telepresence and any other idea involving the use of video.
If you don’t have the knowledge to make your own control plates, OpenQ.bo community offers you the control plates for all peripherals to communicate with the Q.bo computer. These plates are compatible with the Arduino IDE, allowing you to experiment with even greater depth Q.bo sensors.


Q.bo is designed so that you can install any operating system as if it were a PC, but you also have the possibility to join the OpenQbo, which has developed a fully open Linux distribution, with applications and tutorials that will help you get the most out of Q.bo potential.


Every Q.bo owner can access the community page and Wiki. There you can download the latest OpenQbo Distro or any application you'd like in Qbo Apps. There is also a lot of information regarding the Software and Hardware projects.
If you need help, start by consulting the Support Page, and you if you still don't find help for what you need, feel free to visit and post questions in forum.

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