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Your personal robot has arrived!

He is fully programmable, open and autonomous.


As featured by TechCrunch:



RobotsLAB is proud to announce the next generation of research and development tool: A NAO robot + a BMW Z4 Electric sports car! NAO is the most advanced humanoid robot available.


Developer, where will you take it?

Control Your Personal Robot

Program NAO with a comprehensive SDK or Choregraphe, a visual drag-and-drop programming interface, The SDK supports C++, Java, Python, C# .Net and Matlab. You can integrate the NAO apps with any IDE (Integrated Development Interface) such as Eclipse, Visual Studio or Vim.

Unleash Your Creativity

Bring your craziest ideas to life, send your robot to do things for you, connect him to the internet and share his adventures with the world, create robot-apps and publish them on the NAO app store. There's no limit to what you can do with that.
The car is controlled by the NAO, a Laser Range Finder under the car will help you avoid obstacles, and implement  SLAM algorithms for learning and mapping of the environment around the robot.


Documents Available for download

- NAO + BMW Electric Car White Paper
- NAO for Research
- NAO for High Schools
- NAO STEM Curriculum
- Datasheet - NAO Software Suite
- Datasheet - NAO H25

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