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An expansion kit for BIOLOID STEM Standard Kit, Adds 9 robots to the Standard kit

BIOLOID STEM Expansion kit is consisted of 9 example robots and 23 weeks of educational training. Unlike a simple repetitive program training, BIOLOID STEM Expansion explains about the combination of force, space coordination, principle of bi-pedal motion, bio-mimetic engineering, and much more.
It allows you and your students self-directed learning by solving various problems alone.

BIOLOID STEM Expansion kit - Example Robots:

Chapter 8. Draw circles and letters using Penbot

1. Scribbler Robot
2. Understanding writing algorithms
3. Learn the relationship between speed, angles and movement

Chapter 9. Probing robot grabs a ball

1. Transporter Robot
2. Learn the principles of robot movement and gripper control
3. Understanding robot's movement, acceleration and deceleration speed

Chapter 10. Robot Porter Avoiding Obstacles

1. Probe Car Robot
2. Understanding the command algorithms of the remocon TxD/RxD
3. Learn about different types of communication devices

Chapter 11. lift and carry objects

1. Beetle Gripper Robot
2. Understanding and programming precise gripper control
3. Learn how to measure the width of objects

Chapter 12. Robotic Arm Sorting Objects

1. Robotic arm
2. Understanding the algorithm to measure a size of an object
3. Learn to define space coordination and reverse kinematics

Chapter 13. Motion editor for Bipedal Robot

1. Walking droid robot
2. Understanding the structure and characteristics of bipedal motion
3. Learn how to detect and avoid obstacles while walking

Chapter 14. Hexapod Alternating Legs

1. Hexapod Robot
2. Understanding the structure and characteristics of hexapod motion
3. Learn the axial symmetry through the robots' structure

Chapter 15. Penguin Bot Greeting and Clapping

1. Penguin Robot
2. Understanding voice recognition technology
3. Learn sound detection

Chapter 16. Cannon Ball Shooter

1. Cannon Shooter Robot
2. Understanding the principle of conservation of energy
3. Learn about characteristics of a cannon

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$ 249

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