NAO Robotic Idol

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NAO Robotic Idol
Manufacturer: Aldebaran Robotics

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NAO Robotic Idol Program

Are you looking for a new project to get your students excited about the future of Computer Science and Technology?

Do you have a vision to advance your students into the world of STEM subjects? Consider participating in a competition that will push your student’s creativity and logical reasoning. This same competition will give students and teachers a challenging but FUN project to embark on together.

Aldebaran Robotics together with RobotsLAB, SRI and Kids Talk Radio bring you a DANCE Competition like no other! Learn to manipulate NAO, a fully programmable and autonomous humanoid robot, to move like Mick Jagger or glide like Michael Jackson! Students will learn the concepts of motion, control, and vision with this project, while also developing key skills in programming and critical thinking.

Special Competition Package!
• 1 NAO Robot
• 1 Choregraphe Site License
• 5 Examples of Dance Programming
• 1 Aldebaran Robotics’ STEM Curriculum Book
• 1 Day of Shared Training
• 1 Year Warranty
• 1 Charger and 1 Battery
• Ticket to Participate in Robotic Idol!
• Summer Camp training (33 hours) for 1 teacher/mentor + 5 students per team

Interested in participating?
Contact us! (This package is not available for online purchasing, or outside California)

Available Documents:
- NAO Robotic Idol program
- NAO for High Schools
- NAO STEM Curriculum
- Datasheet - NAO Software Suite
- Datasheet - NAO H25


Sold Out

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